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As a blog, we are always on the lookout for more writers to join our team in writing informative articles about ice and figure skating and its popularity in the UK. By joining our team of writers, you will be able to share your knowledge and passion for the sport with interesting and informative articles.

We have a dedicated focus on where to find events, competitions, training courses and how to join figure skating clubs.

As a writer for this blog, extensive knowledge of the English language will be needed with skills in punctuation, grammar, and spelling throughout. We may require at least 3 exemplary works to oversee your writing abilities with the English language and your knowledge of ice and figure skating in the UK.

We require all applicants to come up with interesting topics to be covered and should be highly informative to both beginners in the sport as well as more advanced skaters and judging panels for championships in the UK.

Having knowledge of the products are also required as reviews should be done on all the latest skating equipment, including safety equipment, skates, and more.

As we strive in keeping the UK fans of skating up to date and informed, you would need to reside in the UK and know about the most popular ice rinks, figure skating clubs, and training courses for those wanting to start.

Our readers vary in ice skating ranks from beginners to more advanced, and the topics covered on skating should be able to inform both these levels of skaters to provide them with advice as well as interesting reads about skating.

Writers for this blog can either join full-time or as guest writers to write more dedicated articles on topics that focus more on the history of the sport and how it became popular in the UK.

Contact us to find out more on how you can apply for a writing job at Milton Keynes Ice Skating Club; all requirements will be explained.