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To learn more about some of the most prestigious championships and skating scores, visit any of these blogs. The blogs on this list are dedicated to all forms of figure and ice skating with advice as well as news.

Figure Skaters Online –

On Figure Skaters Online, athletes can connect directly with their supporters. The blog provides sites to nationally and internationally ranked figure skaters who compete as novice and senior skaters. This is a great way for fans and athletes in figure skating to connect. They post up to 2 articles each week.

Europeonice –

Europeonice is a website dedicated to everything about figure skating. Their main focus is on bringing reports, videos, and photos of competitions to fans of the sport. The website has been a reliable source on ice and figure skating since 2014 and post regular updates on competitions and championships.

Golden Skate –

Golden Skate blog provides its readers with a large variety of skating resources. Their main objective lies in supplying the worldwide figure skating community with up-to-date news and competition results. They post up to 5 articles each day, making them a one-stop blog to get up to date.

Figure Skating ETC –

Figure Skating for beginners is the main focus of this blog. They provide information on the fundamentals of skating for those who want to learn and take lessons. They also provide information on upcoming events of figure and ice skating.

You Only Lutz Once –

You Only Lutz Once is a blog by 2 figure skaters dedicated to providing information on skating around the world. To find out about all the latest scores and upcoming championships, such as the Grand Prix Finals, visit this blog. They have had a special focus on singles skating since 2014.

International Figure Skating –

International Figure Skating Magazine is the number one resource for learning more about the sport of figure skating and staying up-to-date on all the latest events, products, scores, and championships happening around the world. This is also one of the best places to find professional photographs of ice skating and figure skating.

These are the perfect blogs to learn more about figure skating and how to start as a beginner. These blogs are dedicated to providing details on the latest products as well as events.